322 Conchester Highway

Conchester Highway

Project Information


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is improving travel and enhancing safety on U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) from U.S. 1 (Baltimore Pike) to just east of Route 452 (Market Street) in Concord, Bethel and Upper Chichester townships, Delaware County, by widening nearly seven miles of the highway from two lanes-to-four lanes and improving the existing four-lane section through the Route 452 (Market Street) intersection. Fifteen intersections and two interchanges along the project corridor also are being improved.

The project will be completed under four separate construction contracts: Section 101, Section 102, Section 103, and Section CSX. An advance contract, Section MIT, developed wetland mitigation sites for the project and prepared a location for future construction of a PennDOT maintenance yard.

Project Location

  • Concord Township, Delaware County
  • Bethel Township, Delaware County
  • Upper Chichester Township, Delaware County

Section 101: U.S. 1 (Baltimore Pike) to just east of Clayton Park Drive — 3.1 miles
Section 102: East of Clayton Park Drive to Chelsea Parkway/Bethel Avenue — 2.0 miles
Section 103: Chelsea Parkway/Bethel Avenue to east of the Route 452 (Market Street) Interchange — 1.7 miles
Section CSX: Bridge over CSX Railroad and Bethel Road Interchange
Section MIT: Construct U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) wetland mitigation, PennDOT maintenance facility site preparation.


Capacity Enhancements


Average Traffic Volume: 18,000 to 24,000 vehicles a day

The project will expand the existing two-lane artery to include two lanes of eastbound and two lanes of westbound traffic separated by a curbed grass median to control access across the highway. Auxiliary left and right turn lanes will be provided at selected intersections to maintain the free flow of traffic through the corridor.

Typical four lanes with curbed grass median

Most widening will be done primarily to the south of the existing road to make use of the available right-of way.  Some widening will take place on the north side at several locations near the center of the project corridor to minimize impacts to environmental and community resources.

Typical four lanes with wider shoulders and concrete median barrier


Safety Enhancements

To improve travel and safety within the project area, PennDOT will provide left turn lanes at all signalized intersections; update and add traffic signals on U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) at signalized intersections; reconfigure and signalize interchange ramps with Route 261 (Foulk Road) and Route 452 (Market Street); widen outside shoulders to eight-feet (current shoulder width varies from one-to-four-feet); provide grass median to separate eastbound and westbound travel lanes; install new guide rail and new drainage systems; replace existing structures; and add Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) components.

Typical four lanes with left turn lane


Intelligent Transportation Systems

PennDOT also is installing a number of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) components -- listed on the chart below -- along U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) as part of this project.



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