322 Conchester Highway

Route 452 (Market Street) Interchange-View 1

Market St. Interchange improvements(Graphic updated 2/19)

Here is what is planned for the Route 452 (Market Street) Interchange, which will be reconfigured and reconstructed:*

  • Reconstruct U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) through the interchange area;
  • Build a new U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) bridge over Route 452 (Market Street);
  • Reconstruct and improve Route 452 (Market Street) through the interchange area;
  • Re-configure and reconstruct the interchange, including

    • Building new westbound U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) ramps to and from Market Street;
    • Aligning the new westbound ramps at a new signalized intersection with Route 452 (Market Street);
    • Building new eastbound U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) on-off ramps at Dutton Street and Bethel Avenue;
    • Reconstructing Bethel Avenue on the south side of U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) through the interchange area;
    • Building a new signalized intersection of Bethel Avenue and Route 452 (Market Street); and
    • Building a new on-ramp to eastbound U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) from Bethel Avenue east of Route 452 (Market Street).

* Section 102 remains in Design. Details of improvements shown at this time are subject to change.

Before Construction

Market St. Interchange existing conditions

Route 452 (Market Street) Interchange-View 2

Market St. Interchange improvements view 2

Before Construction

Market St. existing conditions view 2

Existing four lane section with median barrier, no shoulders

Typical new four lanes section with median barrier, new shoulder

Approaching the existing interchange