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Frequently Asked Questions

E-ZPass Tag Readers, like the Blue Tooth Tag Readers that will be installed on the U.S. 322 Project, are used to count traffic on non-tolled highways as an aid in the calculation of travel times that are posted to electronic signs (DMS) that also are being installed. The installations are part of PennDOT's Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) initiatives for the region's highways. You can read more about ITS here.

Access to residences and businesses along U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) and any of the intersections where construction takes place will be provided at all times during construction.

If your home or business lies in the path of construction, you likely already have been contacted by PennDOT or one of its authorized representatives. Whatever the case, owners are always fairly compensated by the Commonwealth for property that is needed for infrastructure improvements. 

PennDOT's contractors on these projects generally are free to work at any time, though lane restrictions for construction are restricted on U.S. 322 during peak travel times and holiday weekends. However, the majority of the work is expected to take place Mondays through Fridays during daylight hours, though some operations may take place at night or over weekends.

If you encounter potholes and other maintenance concerns at any time on Pennsylvania's roadways, simply call PennDOT's toll-free Roadway Maintenance Hotline, 800-FIX-ROAD, to report the problem and its location. We'll take it from there.

Use the form on the Contact Us page at any time with your questions or concerns about the construction operation.  We will respond usually that same day or shortly thereafter.

Sound barrier walls have been constructed along the south (eastbound) side of U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) for about 1,500 feet east of Station Road as part of the Section 101 project. During the ongoing final design process, the entire corridor (Sections 102, 103, CSX) is being evaluated for noise mitigation and potentially sound barrier walls. At locations where sound mitigation is called for, PennDOT will hold special purpose meetings to present those plans and gather feedback from affected residents who will be notified by mail of the meetings.

The time and location for each open house public meeting will be publicized in advance through local media and on this website.  We’ll also share information about upcoming meetings with Bethel and Upper Chichester townships and your local state representatives. For special purpose meetings such as those to discuss sound walls, residents within the noise impact study will be notified by mail.

PennDOT’s engineering team is working to solidify plans for roadway and intersection improvements between Clayton Park, in Bethel Township, and Route 452 (Market Street), in Upper Chichester Township, under Sections 102 and 103. As these plans are being finalized, PennDOT will hold additional open-house public meetings in the community to give residents a chance to see the plans taking shape, comment on the plans, or ask questions related to anything on the plans. When plans are finalized, we’ll update the website’s content and graphics.